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NFA Annual Conference, AGM and Dinner 2019: Standing Strong

Central Birmingham

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NFA Annual Conference, AGM and Dinner 2019: Standing Strong
Dates and locations
11 April 2019 at Regency Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham , 12 April 2019 at Regency Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham
Sponsoring organisation
National Federation of ALMOs
Contact person
Alli Ward
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Contact telephone
024 7647 2729

About the event

The challenges we face in 2019 can be summed up in one word – uncertainty. When delegates convene for the NFA annual conference in April, Brexit will be upon us with its as-yet unknown consequences for housing policy and the construction industry’s supply chain. The government and social housing sector will still be striving to learn the lessons of Grenfell and considering responses to the Social Housing Green Paper. How might this translate into closer sector scrutiny and more effective tenant voice? Universal Credit will continue to roll out across the country and the Government will be testing the managed migration of existing benefit claimants across to the new system. Yet, the ALMO movement has exceptional resources that mean our members cannot only stand strong through this storm; it can perhaps emerge stronger. The National Federation of ALMOs 2019 conference will celebrate the many advantages of the ALMO approach, not least that it stands on a solid foundation of working with and alongside tenants. As locally accountable, open and transparent organisations, ALMOs are unafraid of inspection and regulation and welcome the renewed focus by the whole social housing sector on delivering excellent services to our customers. We are, and always have been, on the side of our tenants. Join us to hear how scrutiny will be taken forward by the Regulator, how managed migration onto Universal Credit will be handled and how ALMOs are developing new ways to better manage their homes, engage with tenants and tackle issues such as domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour.

Benefits of attending

We will be showcasing inspiring stories about ALMOs’ innovative best-practice including community engagement initiatives and new development as ALMOs – literally – build on the removal of the HRA borrowing cap and deliver new homes for their communities in partnership with their parent councils. We will also hear how ALMOs’ social entrepreneurial spirit can make them the ideal vehicle for technical innovation, from modern new-build processes to delivering the zero-carbon homes of 2050, whilst using these opportunities to develop skills and provide training for people in their communities through apprenticeships and jobs, supporting local economies and helping to build resilience to any adverse impacts of BREXIT. Across key note sessions and workshops experts and practitioners will discuss the uncertainty faced by ALMOs and their communities – sharing knowledge and expertise and encouraging debate among attendees.

Who should attend

The NFA Annual Conference is the essential event for ALMOs Board Members, Chief Executives, Senior Managers and tenants.

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