Parliamentary monitoring

In addition to lobbying central government and producing regular briefings for MPs the NFA has established a successful All Party Parliamentary Group on ALMO issues and provides a parliamentary monitoring service keeping ALMOs updated on relevant issues.

  • Housing Minister announces funding for homes; Parliamentary Activity

    30 July 2014
  • Parliamentary Activity

    29 July 2014
  • British Social Attitudes Survey 2013 results published

    28 July 2014
  • DWP info on local employment opportunities; Parliamentary Activity

    24 July 2014
  • IPPR report recommends raising HRA borrowing cap; DCLG statistical release; Parliamentary Activity

    23 July 2014
  • Announcement made on Affordable Homes bids

    22 July 2014
  • Labour commitments on housing; Labour to call for vote on spare room subsidy

    21 July 2014
  • DCLG: Tenants leading change

    18 July 2014
  • Lib Dems call for changes to spare room subsidy; Kris Hopkins given local government brief; FCA announces payday lender changes; Policy Exchange Call for Evidence: Financing more social homes

    17 July 2014
  • Announcement of new Housing Minister; Removal of the spare room subsidy report; Parliamentary Activity

    16 July 2014
  • Transparency in social housing assets value; £100 million fund will put power in the hands of tenants

    15 July 2014
  • New measures to increase transparency on council home values

    14 July 2014
  • Local support to help prepare for Universal Credit

    10 July 2014
  • Parliamentary Activity

    10 July 2014
  • Housing Minister letter to local authorities

    08 July 2014
  • Growth Deals: firing up local economies

    07 July 2014
  • Parliamentary Activity

    04 July 2014
  • Extra upfront funding ‘will not boost starts’; Parliamentary Activity

    03 July 2014
  • Councils could become ‘economic powerhouses’ under Labour; Parliamentary Activity

    01 July 2014

  • Labour keen for further housing spending devolution; Councils face £5.8billion funding ‘Black hole’

    30 June 2014
  • Treasury probes £1bn unused headroom; Former housing minister dislikes term ‘social housing’; MP goes ahead with Affordable Housing Bill; Work and Pensions Committee published report on UC; Parliamentary Activity

    27 June 2014
  • Housing Minister talks borrowing cap

    26 June 2014
  • Tories should amend ‘bedroom tax’; Tory peer says further cuts are inevitable; Benefits and barriers of social value revealed; Parliamentary Activity

    25 June 2014
  • Calls for government to invest billions in home energy efficiency; 20% of Brits fear being forced to leave their local area by housing costs; Parliamentary Activity

    24 June 2014
  • New BOE measures to control housing market; Government denies potential welfare cap spending breach; Universal Credit roll-out to continue

    23 June 2014