Parliamentary monitoring

In addition to lobbying central government and producing regular briefings for MPs the NFA has established a successful All Party Parliamentary Group on ALMO issues and provides a parliamentary monitoring service keeping ALMOs updated on relevant issues.

  • Providing social housing for local people

    17 April 2014
  • Councils to build 15,000 homes; Decent homes programme saved £392m; Finances worsening for social tenants on low incomes

    17 April 2014
  • Fees for eviction proceedings to rise by 150%; Shapps: Bedroom tax savings to be used to build new homes; 24 Dash reports on success at St Ledger Homes

    16 April 2014
  • Report calls for redesign of disability payments; Garden City prospectus fails to specify locations for new communities; Mayor’s plans for London Housing Bank to help deliver thousands more homes

    15 April 2014
  • Plans for three new garden cities due to be announced; Parliamentary Activity

    14 April 2014
  • HCA to launch investment arm; Parliamentary Activity

    11 April 2014
  • Planning inquiry criticised for being out of date; Parliamentary Activity

    10 April 2014
  • Universal Credit risks driving landlords away from housing benefit tenants

    09 April 2014
  • JRF releases welfare reform statistics; Still not clear Universal Credit IT will work warn MPs; Government launches new heat incentive scheme; Parliamentary Activity

    09 April 2014
  • Stock transfer deal for Gloucester City Homes

    08 April 2014
  • Miliband to promise councils £20bn; Minister pays tribute to Stockport Homes; London Assembly report on Welfare Reform

    08 April 2014
  • Government closes the net on tenancy cheats; Extra borrowing powers for councils to build 10,000 affordable homes; New figures show people are trapped by the bedroom tax

    07 April 2014
  • ‘Welfare cheats’ could lose homes under new Government plans; 200,000 families in overcrowded social housing willing to swap; Parliamentary Activity

    07 April 2014
  • Reynolds hints Labour figures support lifting borrowing caps; Parliamentary Activity; Labour mocks Lib Dems as its peers vote to keep bedroom tax; Council Slammed for DHP underspend; Authorities use HRA reforms to repurchase homes

    04 April 2014
  • Prime Minister’s press briefing on the spare room subsidy

    03 April 2014
  • Lib Dem president opposes bedroom tax but won’t vote with Labour to scrap it; BPF welcomes timely Work and Pensions Select Committee report; Housing market in Yorkshire and Humber reaches breaking point; GLA to allocate full affordable homes fund this s

    03 April 2014

  • YMCA response to Work and Pensions Committee report; Chris Bryant: Lib Dems have had chance after chance to vote against unfair Bedroom Tax; Assembly accepts Boris’ housing strategy; JRF: How have low-income families been affected by changes to council

    02 April 2014
  • Vulnerable people suffering as result of housing welfare reforms, say MPs; Labour comment on Work and Pensions Committee report; CIH comment on Work and Pensions Committee report; LGA comment on Work and Pensions Committee report; Lib Dem president will w

    02 April 2014
  • Rent arrears soar for bedroom tax-hit tenants; ‘Buy to leave’ investors to pay towards affordable housing; Parliamentary Questions

    01 April 2014
  • Nick Clegg: more help to go to those hurt by bedroom tax; Bedroom tax: one year on; Housing Benefit Shared Accommodation Rate: HoC Library Standard Note

    31 March 2014

  • Bryant: Tories are so out of touch they just don’t get it; Households being ‘squeezed from all sides’; New Build to Rent deal to deliver homes for private rent

    28 March 2014
  • Housing benefits changes ‘sees 6% of tenants move’ ;Lib Dems propose to overhaul bedroom tax; Councils return more than £1m unspent DHPs; Parliamentary Questions; Commons Library Standard Note on the Household Benefit Cap

    28 March 2014
  • MPs vote for Government’s cap on Welfare bill; DWP responds to Universal Credit payment concerns; Parliamentary Questions; Treasury Select Committee: Evidence on Budget 2014

    27 March 2014
  • How can councils build more homes?; Building for the future: Emma Reynolds MP speech; Ed Balls: Labour will support the welfare cap in the House of Commons today; Tory council blasts government for axing emergency fund; Average debt of welfare reform-hit

    26 March 2014
  • Concerns raised by councils over ‘bureaucratic and inflexible’ Right to Buy Scheme; Rural social tenants pushed into poverty by welfare reform; Parliamentary Questions

    25 March 2014