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The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

As the Grenfell Tower Inquiry progresses, the NFA team is monitoring the hearings for Phase 2, Module 3. These sessions examine the management of the tower, communication with residents, fire risk assessments and fire safety measures at the building. It is expected that Module 3 will be completed in mid-September 2021. 

We prepare a monthly summary of key points of evidence that are likely to be of particular interest to NFA members.

While we are creating a new members’ area on the website, NFA members and staff can ask for access to the summaries of the Phase 2 Module 3 hearings – use the request form button below.  When the new members’ area is complete, this will be replaced with a direct link to the summaries.


How to access original recordings and full transcripts of inquiry hearings

The inquiry is highly accessible online. Hearings are live-streamed, recorded and stored on the inquiry’s YouTube channel; word-for-word printed transcripts are usually available within a few hours of the end of each session.

The link to each transcript is below the video link/s on each session page on the website – but not on the YouTube channel page (see these examples of the same session: inquiry website & YouTube).

The inquiry’s own website search function or a web search engine will usually return quick and reliable links by date, topic or witness.

Provisional witness schedules are posted week by week here. On the same page are direct links to the most recent hearings, by session.

Still to come in Phase 2 of the inquiry are: Module 5 – Firefighting (Sep/Oct 2021); Module 6 – Government (Nov 21-Mar 22); Module 7 – Further evidence from expert witnesses (March 2022); Module 4 – Aftermath of the fire (March-May 2022).

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