What we do

The NFA (National Federation of ALMOs Ltd.) is the trade body which represents arms-length management organisations across England. All are not-for-profit bodies wholly owned by their parent councils, created to manage council-owned housing and deliver housing-related services. 

The NFA represents 25 ALMOs across the country managing about 326,600 local authority-owned properties.

They also build and acquire new stock. They devise and deliver support services for tenants and their wider communities. Some administer their parent council’s responsibility for homelessness prevention and relief.

The NFA presents members’ interests at the national level, lobbying and negotiating with central government on their behalf.


The NFA’s work is overseen by eight board directors drawn from members’ own boards and selected to be regionally representative. Each director is supported by the chief officer of their home organisation. These chief officers form the NFA’s executive steering group (ESG).

The NFA’s employment and other administrative services are provided by a managing agent; since 2017, this has been housing sector data and insight company Housemark. The NFA does not directly employ staff or hold assets and is an incorporated limited company that files audited accounts independently of the managing agent.

We operate under NFA articles of association most recently updated in 2017.

Current objectives

Each year, under the guidance of the NFA Board and its steering group, the NFA’s managing director and policy director prepare a full business plan that sets out the NFA team’s objectives for the next 12 months.

You can ask to see a copy of the NFA Business plan here.

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