Our core values

NFA members deliver more than housing. They offer wrap-around support services that improve life chances and improve residents’ employability and well-being. They are close to their communities and their role has expanded considerably since ALMOs were first established in 2002 to deliver the Decent Homes Programme.

Core values for members were agreed when the NFA was created in 2003.

  • Members of the NFA will aim to provide excellent value for money and customer-led services for residents, in partnership with their local councils.
  • Members will seek to innovate and continuously improve provision, management and maintenance of affordable homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.
  • Members will be open and accountable organisations that actively promote equality and social cohesion.
  • Members will remain rooted in their local community and will work in partnership with others to help deliver locally determined priorities.
  • Members will support fellow members and share good practice with them.

You can read the NFA’s current standing orders here.

See the NFA’s diversity and inclusion policy here.

See the NFA’s privacy policy here.

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